Hillary Esdaile is a video game artist and illustrator who has been working in the video game industry since 2007. Their hobbies include birdwatching, moss touching, aquascaping, and playing tabletop RPGs. Download their résumé or portfolio.

Hillary is currently Director of Environmental Art for Hiveswap at What Pumpkin Games.

Games she has worked on include:

The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales
Dragons of Atlantis by Kabam
Chronosaur by Zipline Games
Wolf Toss by Zipline Games
Slots Tycoon by Zipline Games
Alaskan Wilds by Zipline Games
March 32nd by Chromed
Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes
Shadowrun: Dragonfall by Harebrained Schemes
Golem Arcana by Harebrained Schemes
Force of Elements by Wicked Fun Co.
Griffins of Everglow by Silver Games
Soul Locus by Fat Loot Games
13th Age: Make Your Own Luck by Pelgrane Press

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